With nearly 90% of households in large cities owning one or two cars, road safety is paramount. The quality of a car’s brake pads directly impacts the driver’s safety. As seasoned drivers, let’s delve into these essential brake pad questions:How Often Should Brake Pads Be Replaced?Brake pad
2024/03/07 15:42
Recently, our company participated in the Russian Auto Show and displayed our main products: control arms, valve chamber covers, ball heads, horizontal tie rods and timing sets.During the exhibition, our products received wide attention and praise. Visitors said that our products have high quality
2023/09/21 13:24
Background technique:In the existing technology, the processing of aluminum alloy workpieces includes forging and casting, and casting methods include gravity casting and low-pressure casting. However, with the continuous development of aluminum alloy technology, the gravity casting method has
2023/09/12 16:24
When the car turns, the driver turns the steering wheel, the safety steering column and the steering gear in the steering gear rotate together, driving the steering rack in the steering gear to move laterally} The steering rack drives the left and right steering tie rods to move, and the tie rods
2023/08/23 17:26
Suspension is the general term for all force-transmitting connection devices between the frame of a car and the axle or wheels. Or the impact force of the car body, and attenuate the vibration caused by it, so as to ensure that the car can run smoothly. A typical suspension structure is composed
2023/08/22 15:13
An engine is a complex machine made up of many mechanisms and systems. Whether it is a gasoline engine or a diesel engine; whether it is a four-stroke engine or a two-stroke engine; whether it is a single-cylinder engine or a multi-cylinder engine, in order to complete energy conversion, realize a
2023/08/21 14:58
The throttle body gasket is a vital component of an engine's air intake system, situated between the throttle body and intake manifold. This gasket plays a crucial role in regulating airflow and maintaining proper engine performance.In recent years, technological advancements have led to the
2023/07/03 16:21
With the growing focus on environmental sustainability and fuel efficiency, automotive ignition coils have become an increasingly important component of modern vehicles. These compact yet powerful devices are responsible for delivering the high voltage needed to produce a spark that ignites the
2023/07/03 16:03